The conference will be held in Szczyrk, Poland in Hotel Meta.

The 4-star hotel offers single rooms for 230PLN per night (approx. 60EUR), breakfast included and double or twin rooms for 300PLN per night (approx. 75EUR), breakfast included. These prices are for conference participants only.

We have now forwarded the information about room preferences to the hotel, and preliminary bookings have been made for you. What you now need to do is to confirm your reservation and pay the advance. Please see the instructions below for more information.

The advance payment is 415PLN (around 99EUR) if you are booking a single room, and 270PLN (around 65EUR) per person in a double/ twin room. The deadline for the payment is 31st of July.

The payment information is as follows:

Bank: Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.

Account no.: 63 1910 1048 2792 8669 6343 0001

Recipient: Meta International Sp. z o.o.

Skośna 4 43-370 Szczyrk Poland


IBAN: PL 63 1910 1048 2792 8669 6343 0001

Please send your proof of payment together with the confirmation to the following email address:, using the words “Suitcase Conference + Firstname Lastname” as the subject of the message. You may use the following template:

“I would like to confirm my reservation for a single room/ twin room/ double room. I will be staying at your hotel between 20th and 23rd September 2017 as a conference participant.”

If you require an invoice, please remember to include the necessary information in the email to the hotel. You will the receive the invoice at the hotel.

You may also confirm the reservation by phone, but sending an email would probably be easier for participants coming from outside Poland.

The remaining cost of the accommodation can be paid at the hotel by cash or credit card at check-in or check-out.

The above instructions come from the hotel. In case you encounter any problems dealing with the hotel, we will try to assist you, but we cannot confirm the reservations on your behalf, so please make sure you meet the deadline.