If you expect Passion, I am utterly unacquainted with any. Was I to follow entirely my own Inclinations it would be to travel, my first and chiefest wish. If you really intend to travel, as it is the thing upon Earth I should most wish, I should prefer that manner of living to any other.
— Lady Mary Montagu in a letter to her future husband, Edward Wortley, 1710

Without mincing her words unduly, in a letter to her future husband Edward Wortley, Lady Mary Montagu equated ‘passion’ and ‘travel,’ signalling their complementarity and the complexity of their bond. Always mindful that travel is a double-edged affair, Lady Mary saw, and at the same time acquiesced to being seen by the world in turn. Starting from this premise, we wish to warmly invite scholars of various research proveniences to participate in our interdisciplinary Conference, which will be devoted to broadly understood questions of travel, with emphasis placed on the specificity of women’s experience of travel.

By travelling, we mean all its forms, from leisurely, touristic travels, to journeys of exploration, migration (economic, political etc), missionary and/or charitable activities, animal welfare activities, approached and analysed from a variety of perspectives, methodologies and academic affiliations. We are interested in all aspects of travel, with the main objective being to illuminate how women have engaged in it, how their modes of involvement have been developing and changing, and what the future of women travels might be.

Considering the wide-reaching thematic scope of the Conference, we invite 20-minute-long presentations concerned with – but not limited to – the following issues:

  • themes in women’s travel writing
  • women’s travel writing
  • journey as an escape from gender
  • journey as a quest
  • female travelling self, female travellers and companionships
  • flaneureuse
  • discourses of difference – analyses of poetics in women’s travel writing; female/feminist discourse as a challenge to patriarchal
  • discourse; gendered language/ style
  • the feminine perspective in travel writing, female travelogues and memoirs
  • feminine time and temporality on the road
  • emigration, exile, women expats, missionaries, pilgrims, refugees and immigration crises
  • trafficking
  • travel as escape, life-changing travel
  • female travellers in arts, music and film

Please submit your proposals (ca. 350 words), along with a short biographical note, to asuitcase2017@gmail.com by January 31st, 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by February 28th, 2017.

Following the conference, we are planning to publish a refereed peer-reviewed monograph.
The deadline for submissions has been extended until February 28th 2017.