Photograph of Sarah LeFanu

Sarah LeFanu

Sarah LeFanu’s books include Despatches from the Frontiers of the Female Mind (co-editor) (1986), In the Chinks of the World Machine: Feminism and Science Fiction (1988), Rose Macaulay: A Biography (2003) and its companion volume, Dreaming of Rose: A Biographer’s Journal (2013) and S is for Samora: A Lexical Biography of Samora Machel and the Mozambican Dream (2012). her biographical essays include ‘Majorie Blandy’ in Breaking Bounds: Six Newnham Lives (2014) and ‘Malangatana’ in Malangatana: The Matalana Visionary (exhibition catalogue, 2014). Throughout the 1980s, Sarah was an editor at The Women’s Press, and was responsible for their ground-breaking feminist science fiction list. For many years, she was a part-time tutor in the University of Bristol’s Department for Continuing Education, and for the last five years has been a part-time tutor in the English Department, teaching English Literature and Community Engagement.

In “The Art of Rambling: Journeys Through Space and Time with Mary Kingsley, Rose Macaulay, Naomi Mitchison and Octavia Butler”, Sarah LeFanu will look at the travels and travel-writings of Mary Kingsley and Rose Macaulay, and will boldly suggest some connections with the science fictional spacewomen and time-travellers of the second wave of feminism.